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Our clients believe in the value of true, lasting love. The Matchmaking Company provides just that. Here are a few of the countless couples who have found love through our matchmaking services.

Finally, I found her!

Leigh and Rob

As a successful businessman and dedicated, single father, Rob found it difficult to dedicate time to finding the one. Despite swiping through apps and arranging dates on his own, he could never feel that spark he was hoping for. Convinced there must be a better way, he decided to reach out The Matchmaking Company for help.

A total catch, it didn’t take long for Rob’s Matchmaker to set him up with several high-quality women to choose from. While they were all nice enough, Rob said there was still something missing. Two years since his divorce, he was cautious of who he would introduce into his young daughter’s life. Noticing his disappointment, Rob’s Matchmaker encouraged him to go on one more date before giving up his search. That’s when he met Leigh.

Ready to find a man worthy of her love, Leigh had just joined The Matchmaking Company and was awaiting her first match. A loving mother of two, Leigh wanted a loyal man with a good sense of humor and strong family values.

Knowing they’d make the perfect pair, her matchmaker set her up with Rob. Upon meeting, it did not take long for Leigh to realize that he was exactly what she wanted in her life.

The feelings were mutual. When Rob met Leigh, he suddenly forgot about all the disappointing dates that came before her. Beautiful, intelligent, and kind, Leigh was the woman of Rob’s dreams. Finally, he had reached his journey towards love.

The couple immediately started dating and eventually married in a romantic ceremony with their family and closest friends.

Smitten At First Sight

Midge And Rich

After the death of a spouse, some may feel that they’ll never experience love again. Yet, the story of Midge and Rich shows that love can still be found after loss.

After 40 years of marriage, Midge’s husband lost his battle with a terminal illness. While she looked back on those years with fondness, for the next stage of her life, Midge wanted something new. The last several years of their marriage were dedicated to the care of her late husband. As she moved on from her grief, Midge realized that she deserved to be taken care of, too.

Eventually, Midge decided to start dating again, only to be met with disappointment. Midge wanted an honest man, who was active, caring, and kind. Unable to find that on her own, she decided to take a chance by working working with a matchmaker. That’s when she met Rich.

Registered nurse and former Airman of 30 years, Rich was everything Midge was looking for in a man. Kind and outgoing, Rich exuded a confidence that was intriguing to Midge. She found herself captivated by his stories of travel and adventure around Europe and Asia. He told her he was grateful for his experiences, but that they were all missing one important thing–someone special with whom to share it all. When she heard that, Midge couldn’t help but hope his future travel companion be her.

For Rich, Midge was a dream come true. Although Midge was his first and only match at that point, he told his Matchmaker not to match him with anyone else. He knew that Midge was the woman for him.

Not long after, Midge and Rich started dating. In June of 2022, the couple were married in an intimate and romantic ceremony in Eureka Springs, AR.

They continue to celebrate their happy marriage with their children and families. To this day, Midge and Rich are grateful for not giving up on finding love after loss.

“I’ve been smitten since day one,” says Rich.

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